Mars settlement construction. Art: Bryan Versteeg,

Mars settlement construction. Art: Bryan Versteeg,


You will have most of the second half of the semester to construct the prototype. The organization of schedules, build time, and delegation of tasks will be accomplished by the student teams.

Brief: Build a full scale prototype of the Martian habitat and deploy it to the CFA lawn.

The physical prototype should


Students from both ‘Building an Atmosphere’ and ‘Responsive Mobile Environments’ will work collaboratively to prepare an integrated prototype.

All students will document their work regularly.

Tuesday and Friday class sessions will be used for build time, team meetings and desk crits.

Before class on Friday, students will post a short weekly update (see below).



Weekly Documentation Requirements:

Each team should post a short status update to Slack before Friday’s class.

This should be about 200 words and cover:

  1. Design/build work and activities undertaken

  2. Challenges Encountered / Open Questions

  3. Next steps

The post should include media and illustrative content.

Final Documentation Requirements:

High quality documentation of the final prototype including photos, videos, code, design documents, etc. should be posted to the IDeATe Gallery.

Each team should also include a summary of their contributions and their process (200-300 word + media) for each team.

Digital Presentation