Introductions: Assignment B - Building the Brief

Overview and objectives

The Martian Surface

The Martian Surface

Research the Space/Martian Environment

Due: Tuesday, January 19, 10.30am


Each team will take on one of the following systems:



In your teams, begin to research the Mars conditions pertinent to your system. Discuss and identify the questions/problems that your system will need to address and how these conditions will affect plant occupants and human remote interaction. Consider the conditions in the next assignments, and what other questions you seek to answer throughout the semester. We will revisit these questions in week 8.

Some issues might include:

Print or Write these questions out on post-its / cards / pieces of paper. On Tuesday Jan 19 we will share these questions with each other, narrow, and identify which are necessary for further exploration, and separate into project teams with particular focus.

Due: Tuesday, January 19, 10.30am


Submitting your work:

  1. Share your research outcomes and questions to slack as a new Post to the #projects channel on slack.

  2. Print each question to be printed out on half of a letter size sheet of paper and bring to class.

Readings and Sources

See Library Section of course Website.