3 minute Reflection Video


We’ve spent an entire semester thinking about, researching, analyzing, investigating and building structures and technologies to support and sustain plants on Mars. We’ve done this as a massive collaboration of 30+ students from across the CMU campus and with the input, time and consideration of dozens of faculty and external experts. As part of this exercise, we’d like you to share your experience of this course, review the investigations and explorations we’ve conducted and the challenges, opportunities and potential for Mars exploration we’ve uncovered.

Mars Ice House. Illustration by Clouds AO/SEArch

Mars Ice House. Illustration by Clouds AO/SEArch

‘Why should we go to Mars?’


Create a video (up to 3 minutes) that addresses this question.

Share your personal experience in this course and aspirations for the future of Mars exploration.

Reflect on your experiences of building a habitat for plants on Mars, and on the outcomes and interactions you’ve had as part of this course.

Talk about what’s next for you and for Mars exploration.

Due: Friday May 3rd, 9pm

Submitting your work:

  1. Upload your video to Vimeo (hard requirement)

  2. Post the video to the #reflections channel on slack.

  3. We’ll compile the videos into a playlist for the group to be viewed together.

Think about

When preparing your video, below are some questions you might think about:


Preparing a Video a.k.a How do I this?

You can sketch it, draw it, design it, record it, rip and edit it, or combine all these mediums, in a way that creates a compelling video.

Capturing Video: