Below is a basic outline of the activities you’ll engage in as part of this course.

Week 1: Introductions

The first week will coordinate teams across both courses in building a shared brief and a common understanding of the challenges involved in designing architecture and embedded systems for a Martian habitat.

Section Assignments Due
Both Introductions: Assignment A Thursday, January 14th, 9pm
Both Introductions: Assignment B Tuesday, January 19th, 10.30am

Week 2-7: Design Exploration

We will follow a two-week cycle of design/analysis and prototype fabrication. In interdisciplinary teams, making will inform design, and design will continually be iterated.

Section Assignments Due
BAA 2A: Pressure Vessels & Material Experimentation Tuesday, Jan 26th
RME 2A: Investigation - Tools for Tending Tuesday, Feb 2nd
BAA 2B: Interior Partitions & Exterior Connections Tuesday, Feb 9th
RME 2B: Spacesuit for Shrubbery Tuesday, Feb 16th
BAA 2C: Program, Form & Network Tuesday, Feb 23rd
RME 2C: Growth Mediums Tuesday, Mar 1st

Week 8-9: Synthesis

The design explorations will lead towards an eventual synthesis of all design team ideas into one full scale proposal which blends architecture and technology interventions.

Section Assignments Due
Both Synthesize Two Integrated Proposals Friday, March 18th

Weeks 10-15: Construction

The remainder of the semester will be used to build a full-scale physical prototype for deployment at CMU. The organization of schedules, build time, and delegation of tasks will be accomplished by the student teams.

Section Assignments Due
Both Prototype Construction Friday, May 3rd
Both 3 minute Reflection Video Friday, May 3rd

Detailed Schedule

Lecture / Discussion Topic Guest(s) Collaborative Responsive Mobile Environments Building an Atmosphere
1 Jan-12 Tuesday Intro to the Class Problem Raising
Jan-15 Friday Intro to Mars/Pressure Vessels/Spacecraft/Greenhouse Assumptions/Challenges Intro assignment Intro assignment
2 Jan-19 Tuesday The Challenge of Mars M.Wood-Vasey and Markus Scheucher Review: Problem Statment
Jan-22 Friday Interdisciplinary Mars at JPL (35min+10min Q&A) B.Sherwood (NASA) Air Structure Details
3 Jan-26 Tuesday Pressure and Materials (25min+10min Q&A) I.Oppehiemer & R. Heard & YL Park Arch Review 1
Jan-29 Friday Build/Desk Crit Build/Desk Crit; Workshop: Rhino/Grasshopper
4 Feb-2 Tuesday Robotics and Agriculture / Sensing Plants & George Kantor RME Review 1
Feb-5 Friday Inflatable Fabrication (Structturfelex) (35min) R. Tursky/ Structureflex (remote) Build/Desk Crit; Workshop: ANSYS
5 Feb-9 Tuesday Working with Mebranes / Dynamic Stuctures C. Madiji & Josh Bard Arch Review 2
Feb-12 Friday Air Tight: Building Inflatables/ Inflatable Construction K.Kennedy (remote)
6 Feb-16 Tuesday Closed Loop Systems (MELISSA project) L. Poulet (remote) RME Review 2
Feb-19 Friday Build/Desk Crits Build/Desk Crits
7 Feb-23 Tuesday Systems Thinking D. Wettergreen & S. Lee Arch Review 3
Feb-26 Friday Build/Desk Crits Build/Desk Crits
8 Mar-1 Tuesday Human Interface / Poetics (25 min+10 Q&A) D. Goods RME - Review 3
Mar-4 Friday Internal Review Synthesis Part I Synthesis Part I
9 Mar-15 Tuesday Internal Synthesis Crit
Mar-18 Friday MIDREVIEW P.Steif / R. Tursky / S. Lee / L. Burgess / G. Levin 2 Proprosals presented (digital and physical)
10 Mar-22 Tuesday "Seeing Like a Rover" J. Vertesi Building out the Program / Details / Material List / Timeline Plan / Assign Roles / Self-Organize
Mar-25 Friday Synthesis
11 Mar-29 Tuesday Synthesis
Apr-1 Friday
12 Apr-5 Tuesday Coordination
Apr-8 Friday
13 Apr-12 Tuesday Coordination
Apr-15 Friday
14 Apr-19 Tuesday
Apr-22 Friday PRE-FINAL REVIEW All, NASA Guests Soft Opening
15 Apr-26 Tuesday
Apr-29 Friday
16 May-3 Tuesday FINAL REVIEW (TBC)
May-5 Friday